Unfinished Business

Last night Mitch and I went to see Rod Lathim’s play “Unfinished Business” at the Lobero. The play was one glimpse into life’s mystical transition and was sponsored by The Alliance for Living and Dying Well.  Mitch thought it was a rather “heavy” topic for Mothers Day, but it provided for some good dialogue following the play about faith, fears and end-of- life challenges and blessings in a “lighter” environment.

I have also been involved managing the end of life issues for Betty B as her DPOA through Shamrock Ministries. There have been some heavy and light moments in this journey, but I am convinced she had an awareness and desire for the end of her life and started working with me to plan for, and aggressively take care of, unfinished business.  There was a sensed awareness of her peace as she died knowing that I would keep the promises she asked for, and God would keep the promises of eternal rest and wholeness as a life long disciple.

I also had an opportunity to do a lot of table fellowship with many seniors who attended the Buckhorn Camp Work Week, and I invested my time and took an assortment of assignments for two days.  Before I departed on Friday; I was asked to provide the Laying on of Hands Prayer for someone.  When I asked what is your greatest need or concern at this time; I was told…”I have Dementia and I am slowly loosing my mind.”  Both of our eyes filled with tears, and I had to take a pause for added preparation and a deep breath.  What do I say to someone who will probably not remember the words of this blessing tomorrow?  Everyone gathered around and added their presence of love, prayer connection to mine, and energy of faith for this sacrament.   My prayer was for the lifelong memories of God’s goodness, unconditional love, promises to never be left alone, and the presence of the Holy Spirit that removed fear and provided peace.    I also prayed for those gathered and the intimate family that would require an abundance of patience and love to provide a safe space and tenderness to remain valued within our community, and bring to the present the cherished memories of their  past.

In your spiritual practice time this week; be thankful for what and who you can remember and what unfinished business you can handle now.  Live in the moment of the scriptural promises….”I have created and called you by your name; you are mine.”  I AM the God of Creation and final Transformation,  I AM the divinely human example of goodness and grace through Jesus the Christ, and  I AM the gentle breath of awareness and lifelong comforter of the Holy Spirit.  I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.        Denise

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