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The Community of Christ is a diverse, worldwide church dedicated to the pursuit of Peace & Reconciliation. We proclaim Jesus Christ.

Our mission is about sharing the peace of Jesus Christ in all its dimensions. “The peace of Jesus Christ” encompasses all of the promises, hopes, and blessings of the gospel as revealed by Christ and as affirmed by the Holy Spirit, his promised presence with us.

Worldwide, each of our congregations is a warm, participative community where we respect—and use—the gifts and talents of each person, from oldest to youngest in celebration of our mission. In neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and organizations, we share the peace of Jesus Christ by caring for each other, for all people, and for the earth itself.

We promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace. Whether one labels it Zion, shalom, the peaceable kingdom, or God’s kingdom on earth, it starts right here, right now. This is the divine call to enflesh the gospel in community living, through which the physical and spiritual needs of people are to be met, and through which harmony, security, and peace can be realized. Together with God, we participate in building a world of peace, reconciliation, and healing of the spirit—an active, redemptive peace for all.

The Santa Barbara Community of Christ congregation is a multi-generational community of people who share the joys & struggles of life together. We pursue peace in our individual lives through personal spiritual practices and study,  and our congregational worship is filled with wonderful music, prayers, testimonies and scripture based messages. We look upward, inward and outward to make a difference in our community and world. We have a Bible based children’s program, and enjoy social time with each other every week after our services and through special events throughout the year.  All are welcome to join us in experiencing the blessings of community!

For more information about Community of Christ, please go to: http://www.cofchrist.org

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